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Watch-in Media reaches exclusively the passengers of Private Airlines with the Private Airline’s own digital channels

Today, consumers willingly engage with Luxury Brands if the “content”

inspires and entertains the target audience and/or conveys a tangible benefit.

The use of smartphones and tablets by passengers of Private Airlines allows

prestigious Brands to reach and engage those privileged passengers.

High-end Brands, with the valuable endorsement of the Private Airline, can interact with fortunate passengers (clear target audience) by showcasing an inspiring content that motivates a positive engagement.

The Spirit & Essence of Watch-in Media is summarized into INVITATIONS, NOVELTIES & DISCOVERIES.

Watch-in Media is bold, simple and innovative. Premium Global audience at your reach.

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Please contact Mr. Otto A. Baumrucker at our Headquarters in Switzerland

+41 79 409 15 72